DX-Cluster Mendicino (CS) IW8PGT-9
DX-Cluster IW8PGT-9 Mendicino (CS) - ITALY
DX de N4XU: 3510.0 CT3MD 330010Z
DX de AD5HR: 50125.0 KD4ESV EL09<>EL87 40009Z
DX de XE1USG: 50313.0 AI5Ift8 via [l] william united sta 40009Z
DX de XE1USG: 50313.0 K5TRA ft8 thomas united states 40008Z
DX de N4XU: 1825.0 EA1FCH 140008Z
DX de R0CD: 14074.0 K6EIE tnx QSO 30008Z
DX de J69MV: 7171.0 J69MV Calling cq dx 80008Z
DX de KG5CIK: 7183.0 W8MSC POTA K-3315 MI 40008Z
DX de K9FA: 50313.0 K7MDL EM10FK<ES>EL87 30007Z
DX de XE1USG: 50313.0 AE5Bft8 via [l] john united states 40007Z
DX de HB9FAX: 7074.0 HB9FAX FT8 CQ NA -SU 140006Z
DX de WB2NFL: 5357.0 ON7NQ 140006Z
DX de N4XU: 1821.5 RW3PZ 160006Z
DX de PP2OK: 7175.0 ZY6C Noise in RX now 110006Z
DX de PP2CC: 7176.0 LU9OZX CQ DX 130006Z
DX de HB9FAX: 7074.0 K3RRR FT8 -24 73 50005Z
DX de N3ARS: 7254.0 KE4LHX pota k-2891 sc 40005Z
DX de K9FA: 50313.0 K4SME/R EM10FK<ES>EL89 160005Z
DX de 2E0EUG: 3747.5 HB9CVQ Thanks Andy, 73 140004Z
DX de K7NTW: 14026.2 9M2MRS 280004Z
WCY de DK0WCY2019/01/21 0018ZSFI=70A=7K=2expK=2R=0SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2019/01/20 2318ZSFI=70A=7K=2expK=2R=0SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WCY de DK0WCY2019/01/20 2218ZSFI=70A=7K=2expK=2R=0SA: quietGMF: quietAurora: no
WWV de VE7CC2019/01/20 2118ZSFI=69A=4K=1No Storms - No Storms
WWV de W0MU2019/01/20 1818ZSFI=70A=4K=1No Storms - No Storms
WWV de VE7CC2019/01/20 1518ZSFI=70A=4K=1No Storms - No Storms
To ALL de IT9DIX1859ZDXSPIDER CLUSTER IW9FDD-6 Telnet iw9fdd.homeip.net:7300
To ALL de ON0LLV-51800ZDxcluster: ON0LLV-5 Telnet: on0llv.ddns.net:7300
To ALL de F5BEH1347ZTo F5PLC your qso with 9LY1JM is not important for us okay ?? Stop with stupid announce thanks
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